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New Product - S & C Rod Rack now in stock

Fishing Accessory Rod Holder

'Best fishing 'widget' we've seen in years...'

 S & C Rodrack now in stock at Portland Marine Electronics

From time to time we come across some really 'smart' products in our industry, and this is definitely one of them.  The ability to safely store your fishing rods in an organized yet flexible manner whether fishing or during transport is where the S & C Rodrack really stands out.  

Designed of beautifully finished 6061 Aluminum, the S & C Rodrack is currently made in two versions that fit in Scotty or Folbe/FishOn bases.  The rotating spindle allows for rod storage to be vertical or horizontal.  You can now store rods almost anywhere you can mount a base.

Come by the showroom or see them online.


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