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Garmin echoMAP Rebate 2015

Garmin Rebate

Garmin echoMAP $100 Rebate

****New Fall 2015 echoMAP $100 rebate announcement****

Purchase a Garmin echoMAP series GPS/Fishfinder before August 2, 2015 and receive a $100 mail-in rebate.

Eligible models from Portland Marine include echoMAP:
53DV, 54DV, 73DV, 73SV, 74DV, 74SV, 93SV, 94SV

The 5, 7 and 9 stand for screen size in inches.
If the second number is a 3 (odd number) - this implies it's pre-loaded with LakeVu Charts.
If the second number is a 4 (even number) - this implies it's pre-loaded with G2 Blue Charts.

In this product line:
DV= DownVu which provides traditional view sonar and down view structure imaging.
SV= SideVu which provides traditional view sonar + down view and side view structure imaging.

See all current Garmin rebate eligible products.

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