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Garmin TR1 Autopilot Throttle Actuator | Portland Marine Electronics

Garmin TR-1 Gold Autopilot Throttle Controller


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$ 228.00

Garmin TR-1 Gold Autopilot Throttle Controller.

If your TR1 throttle becomes non-responsive or inconsistent, our first line of defense it to check your battery voltage.  Upon discovering that your voltage is say ---over 12, we would then take the cowling off the outboard engine and do a physical inspection of the throttle control.  Perhaps a screw has come loose, or the string has broken or the knot has slipped...  And finally, perhaps the little servo motor just gave up?

This product is Engine Specific.  Please reference the year, make and model of your engine in the notes section.  Example : 2004 Yamaha T8 Tiller Steering.

We stock a full inventory of TR1 spare and replacement parts.


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