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Garmin TR1 Autopilot Hydraulic Cylinder | Portland Marine Electronics

Garmin TR-1 Autopilot Hydraulic Cylinder


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Garmin TR1 Gold Autopilot Steering Cylinder

Replacement cylinder.  Why might you need a new cylinder?  On occasion, the seal at the end of the cylinder housing will age and crack allowing water into the system.  Not good, as this will damage the mechanism within the pump manifold.

If you ever notice the oil in the reservoir to be a light tan color (mocha) and creamy, stop using your TR1.  It may be possible to clean out the system and salvage the pump manifold.

Water can enter the system in a couple different ways: The seal failure in the cylinder as mentioned, at the hose connections to the cylinder or possibly the hoses themselves have cracked or been pierced.

If you replace the cylinder, you will also need new biosoy oil

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